Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank you to the LatiNegr@s Project

LAYC would like to thank the efforts of Bianca Laureano and the LatiNegr@s Project for providing a space to find, explore, and celebrate the wonderful contributions and expressions of the Afro-Latino experience. LAYC selected a few posts to introduce who we are and where you can find us.

For the following sections: "Defining Who We Are," provides clips and articles that start to define what makes up the Afro-Latino experience, "How We Speak" showcases voices and expressions, and "Bridge Builders - Where You Can Find Us" presents figures and celebrities of Afro-Latino descent who shine in media and culture. Take a look and enjoy.

To see the entire series of entries, click here to see the full LatiNegr@s Project site.

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  1. This painting of "The Swimmers" or "The Bathers" intrigued me, which moved me to look for more information about it. Imagine my surprise when I could not find it, and I discovered that the painter, Jorge Arche, died in 1956. So, it could not have been painted in 1972. Thus, I would like to know your source.